Welcome to Omni-beyondism

everything is real and there is always something beyond

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Welcome to Omni-beyondism

Naturally Curious


Last Days Diary Entry #1

Hi this is Andrew Kind the creator of this site and as the title above reads this is a diary of my final days, see I'm in the process of...

The True Heaven

Far beyond the immediate worlds that await after death far beyond the omnipotent power that created reality and far beyond the entities...

Hierarchies and the Modal

As I previously stated the Omni-Beyondism Cosmological Hierarchy is just the tiniest sliver of what's out there and as such it's not the...

Eternal transcendipotence

Eternal Transcendipotence is a power version of eternal transcendence it's basically a force that forever goes beyond all limitations and...

My thoughts on Reality Shifting

So I'm coming in a little late on this topic, I only found out about this a few months ago and apparently it's been a popular trend since...

The DC Omni-Reality

Today I'm going to talk about what I believe all DC stories in all mediums are really part of, every DC comic, movie, show, videogame...

important update coming

I will be organizing the ideas found in all the various articles I have written into one detailed and organized structure of the...

my book

Plot: A dark skinned god named Ka-ron who has lived for millions of years in both the divine home of the gods and the world of mortals...

hierarchy of physics

Physics Metaphysics Pataphysics (physics of things beyond omnipotence and infinity) Omniphysics (physics of supremes, totalities, omnis...

Xoma: the idea beyond everything

The things I’ll be discussing in this post may seem absurd and irrational but I assure you they’re as real as everything else, contrary...

What are thoughts and ideas

In our society most people think of thoughts, ideas, stories, etc. as less real than our physical world and write it off as “only...


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