Complete guide to Omni-Beyondism Cosmology

This Guide is based on previous articles and is meant inform people on the cosmology of the spirituality known as Omni-Beyondism

-First is the universe, we all known what this is it is the totality of all mankind collectively knows is objectively real (apparently)

-Second is the multiverse, the multiverse is supposedly a collection of infinite universes including our own, there are many theories on what these universes are like however we have yet to physically interact with these universes so we don”t actually know anything about them

-Next we have omniverses, there at least two known types of omniverses, the first are omniverses like the ones seen in DC and Marvel comics which are basically collections of infinite multiverses all of which presumably have versions of their characters (and maybe others) the other is a transfictional omniverse which holds every reality that can be thought of by a third dimensional mind, transfictional omniverses are microcosms of the Supreme Omni-Existence, it is my opinion that we live in a transfictional omniverse

-Next we have the omnipotent creator of the omniverse most commonly known in our reality as God, our omniverse is the totality of God’s creation, while God is omnipotent and the most powerful being in our omniverse, They are just one level of a hierarchy that extends beyond eternity

-Beyond God we have the pataphysical realms this is where God as well as all omnipotent beings originate from in addition to being the home of omnipotent beings it is home to forces far beyond omnipotent such as omnivastant

-Next is the largest infinity or the omni-infinity it contains all forms of the concept of infinity and infinite

-After omni-infinity are the ximensions the ximensions are home to things like serph which is the numerical concept above infinity

-Beyond this is the totality of cosmologies, where all systems of reality are located including that of Omni-Beyondism

-Then we have the Supreme Omni Existence, the supreme omni existence is the idea of everything and contains what we’d call everything including every version of itself, transfictional omniverses are microcosms of this

-Beyond that is th entity called the All-That-Is, the All-That-Is is currently the closest thing Omni-Beyondism has to a supreme being, it is everything yet also beyond everything, it has endless forms and identities

-Then there is the Omni-Everything and the Omni-Physical this where all omnis and everythings are located

-Beyond this there is the beyond everythings or post everythings here there are things like xoma which is the first concept that is completely beyond all everythings

-Infinitely above all of this is the unknowable and inconceivable, the truth behind literally everything and beyond that not even omnipotent and beyond beings can understand it is far far far bigger than the meta-transcendent ideas of omni-beyondism and things like the sora and suggsverse, nothing can yet be said of what lies beyond the unknowable and inconceivable other than the logic of Omni-Beyondism dictates that there is always more beyond

The final thing I wish to talk about is the inner, the inner is the part of consciousness that accesses all things beyond our universe, it is the true form of imagination and is where all ideas for things like stories come from, for all stories are true events in realities and places outside our universe, the inner can be accessed theoretically through things like transcendental meditation and when you die you mind completely enters the inner from there you can go quite literally anywhere and everywhere

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