Creation theory #1

Unlike many spiritualities Omni-Beyondism doesn't have one set in stone story of how things came to be rather we have theories on how and why we exist I will post my own theories on this site (though I don't know how often) here's the first one.

Our universe as well as all realities in the omniverse (including all realities believed to be fictional) were created by an omnipotent being commonly called God (although I refer to it as the creator of the omniverse) the creator was for lack of a bettter word "hired" or "commissioned" to create our omniverse by beings infinitely beyond it that we'll call Omni-Beyondisim Entities (or OBE's) OBE's may very well exist outside the unknowable and the indescribable, they commissioned God to create our omniverse for the purpose of all life within it one day growing and transcending at one point becoming OBE's themselves, however there is an entity equally as omnipotent as God who wishes to prevent this called Anti-God , the Anti-God is the source of all evil, suffering and negativity in creation (our omniverse). God and Anti-God are in a seemingly never ending battle with all life in the omniverse caught in the middle, only when the Anti-God is defeated and/or destroyed will we be able to fulfill our purpose.

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