Fictional Realism: My First Faith

Today I wanted to talk about the early days of my spirituality, I’ve already stated that it was the blogs of Sora that were the seeds of Omni-Beyondism but today I wanted to talk about what came before, during the first 11 years of my life I didn’t have any particular spiritual beliefs other then believing in God, I cared far more about whatever cartoons I was watching at the time especially Batman, the seeds for change were planted however on April 2002 I was watching part 1 of the two part Justice League episode “Legends” in which the league travels to a parallel universe and meets a superhero team called the Justice Guild only for Green Lantern to reveal that on the league’s world the Justice Guild were fictional comic book characters another leaguer Martian Manhunter them suggested that creators of the comic book had a psychic link to the guild’s universe that they mistook for mere imagination, this idea stuck with me, the idea that fictional works could be real in other universes, in 2003 I started reading DC and Marvel comic books and fell absolutely in love with them so much so that I started believing in this concept, then in the summer of 2004 I learned of the marvel comics concept known as the omniverse where our world as well as all fictional worlds were equally real and I embraced it I had found my faith, I viewed the works of Marvel and DC the way a christian views the bible, they were literally gospel to me, years later I found out that these ideas had a name, fictional realism and thus fictional realism was my religion until I found Sora’s blogs

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