How the space of desires works and how we create reality

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

In one of the first posts I made, I talked about some of the afterlifes that exist and one of the ones I mentioned was my ideal one the space of desires, in this article I will talk about how the space of desires works and how it relates to the way reality works, the true shape of everything, xoma, and beyond is chaos form that chaos order is created by filtering the chaos thus creating an ordered reality, the current reality we all experience is a filter we share with rules that were created (presumably by us) when a person dies the filter ceases existing for them and they create a new one and that’s what the space of desires is a filter that I’ll create when this one ends for me (aka when I die) it’ll be a new ordered reality where the rules are all my desires must be perfectly fulfilled it'll accomplish this by manipulating the chaos anyway it needs to in order to do it, know even though this is my ideal afterlife and the reality I will create for myself anyone can have this sort of reality as well as any ordered reality they choose they can even become one with the chaos ore venture beyond it the options are beyond transfinite

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