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Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Plot: A dark skinned god named Ka-ron who has lived for millions of years in both the divine home of the gods and the world of mortals has grown bored with both worlds and know seeks what lies beyond the gods and starts a journey to realms unexplored

Chapter 1

What does it mean to live without death without the fear of dying to know that as far as you know nothing can kill you and that you'll never die, to have lived so long that you can't even remember anything about your youth, to not only have seen and done everything in your world but in the world below, where do you go when you've gone seemingly everywhere you can go?

These where the questions that were on his mind, he who had existed practically since the stars first lit up before dust and rock coalesced into planets before those that could die were born, he was not a mortal, he was a god strong and wise, powerful and beautiful, and most of all….bored. He stood out on his balcony made from the bone of animal that no one but he and his fellow gods knew existed and starred, first at the shimmering stars and galaxies of the universe below and then at the sky above.

The sky was multi colored and filled with spheres each sphere a home to a god like him, the sky was lit by Mooshrough god of all suns throughout the universe, he was Ka-ron god of strength and son of Zyron the great creator from which all things in the universe came from, or so it was claimed. Zyron had sired an uncountable amount of children throughout history but very few of them ascended to godhood like Ka-ron had, once he felt very blessed and grateful for it, he cherished all the privileges and adventures it brought him, but now all he felt was...emptiness.

Feeling listless and adrift he went down the ivory stairs into the garden where Nevra his current wife was sitting, Nevra was a goddess of growth responsible for taking all living things through their life path from birth to death, her skin was the color of a green olive and her hair was made of twenty two inch vines covered in leaves she had grown everything in the garden. Ka-ron approached her in the garden she smiled at him but he did not smile back, "Something troubling you my love?" Nevra asked with concern Ka-Ron nodded slowly "Yes" he said quietly "This feeling of ennui still troubles me, I am starting to wonder if I shall ever be rid of it" he said. Nevra looked concern "I know of several potions known to lighten the mood and lift the spirit, I can make one for you" she said kindly, Ka-ron shook his head "They always wear off and when they do the feelings come back stronger". Before Nevra could make another suggestion an loud cry was heard, it was the unmistakable cry of a dragon-phoenix, the sacred animal that acted as transportation for the gods and on it was Kelous, Zyron's most trusted messenger he hopped off the beast and bowed in front of Ka-ron and Nevra, " Hail great Ka-ron, god of all that is mighty and powerful, son of the ruler and maker of all that is known, hail great Nevra goddess of the cycle that all mortal things embark on" he boisterously decreed. Ka-ron sighed and raised his arm commanding the messenger to rise, "What does my father want this time?" He asked wearily, "The ruler and maker of all has asked all beings of divinity to gather in the shining halls at the twelfth hour, for Liliana our most trusted Oracle has new vision to share" Kelous stated. Nevra had a worried look upon her face, "Is it… it about the dark awakening?" She asked with great concern in her voice, Ka-ron rolled his eyes and thought " Why wouldn't it be? That's what every other vision Liliana's had has been about", "We don't know" Kelous said, "All we know is where and when to be". Ka-ron sighed, "Thank you messenger, tell my father we will be in the shining halls at the twelfth hour" Kelous smiled and bowed to them again before getting back on his dragon-phoenix and flying off into the sky. As the twelfth hour approached Ka-ron and Nevra arrived at the shining halls where all the other gods where, There was Aquanus god of the seas and ruler of all life that the seas housed, his body made up shimmering silver water, there was Falatae grim goddess of death all who died passed through her realm before arriving at their place in the afterlife, she was dressed in all black but her skin was whiter than freshly fallen snow and so many others. Ka-ron looked around with a bored look on his face, he was almost certain that whatever Liliana had to say it would be about the dark awakening almost every prophecy she had was about the return of Valmodel and the battle that would follow, it had been that way since Valmodel had been sealed almost a billion years ago. Suddenly he heard a voice he recognized "Ka-ron!" He turned around and saw Armalda goddess of will and courage they sparred often and had been on many adventures, she was clad in orange and gold armor and had shining blonde hair, “It’s been far too long, I was beginning to wonder what had become of you” Ka-ron sighed and said “Regretfully nothing out of the ordinary” Armalda laughed “Your wit is as sharp as ever my friend, we need to go on another adventure soon perhaps in the emerald desert, I’m sure the scaled spiders have missed our weapons.” Ka-ron put on an insincere smile and said “Maybe” Armalda wished him well and he watched her as she walked away unbeknownst to Nevra an attraction had been steadily building between Ka-ron and Armalda, seeing her was maybe the only thing he still looked forward to. Suddenly a loud boom echoed throughout the hall, Kelous suddenly appeared and said “Attention all, attention all, now present his most powerful, the being from which all in the known cosmos come from including all of we, ZYRON!!!” A silence fell over the crowd and without warning a pillar of light that would blind any mortal shot through the floor, everyone but Ka-ron stared in awe and wonder while Ka-ron thought “Must he do this every time?” Suddenly the pillar shrunk taking a more humanoid shape until finally it became Zyron himself dressed golden white armor with skin of radiance he looked around everyone and then spoke in a booming yet gentle voice “My children since the beginning of time itself we deities have lorded over all beings in the universe as the strongest and most powerful yet even we must face great challenges form time to time, a billion years ago we faced our greatest challenge when wicked Valmodel god of evil, darkness, and chaos threatened the universe itself, Valmodel wished to take my throne and remake the universe in his own image, he raised a terrible army greater than any that had come before and waged war with us.” Ka-ron rolled his eyes “We’ve heard this all before many times” he thought annoyedly but continued to listen “The battle shook the pillars of the cosmos many lives including those of gods were lost but in the end and using the sword of infinity I was able to defeat him and seal him away, however soon after the oracles informed me that his defeat was ultimately temporary and the day would come when he would return, since then we have been on alert, taking heed whenever the oracles gave us further information of the day of Valmodels return, of the dark awakening” Ka-ron felt his impatience building “And yet he still hasn’t returned after a billion years”

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