My thoughts on Reality Shifting

So I'm coming in a little late on this topic, I only found out about this a few months ago and apparently it's been a popular trend since last year, for anyone like me who still doesn't know about it and/or hasn't done it yet, Reality Shifting is the idea of sending your consciousness into a different reality through techniques similarly used for astral projection, out of body experiences, and lucid dreaming (you can find plenty of info on these techniques all over the internet including videos on Youtube), the first thing I want to talk about is the ideas behind Reality Shifting which claims that basically everything is real in alternate existences which aligns very well with Omni-Beyondism however it goes a step further in claiming that you can send your consciousness there which leads to my feelings about this claim, I have never preformed any ritual designed to make you leave your body temporarily including reality shifting and other than stories involving near death experiences I've always been skeptical about stories of people leaving their bodies and going to other places because there's no evidence (that I'm aware of) that it's not just taking place in their heads and while I do believe our minds are linked to everything beyond our universe I have doubts as to the link being stronger than imagination, still like I said I have never done reality shifting or had any type of out of body experience so take my words with a grain of salt, but there definitely is room in Omni-beyondism for reality shifting provided it is what people believe it is, I will say this if anyone tries to sell you any products or services related to reality shifting don't even give them the chance to talk to you, they are almost certainly scamming you

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