Omni-Beyondism and the afterlife

Like many organized spiritualities Omni-Beyonism has its own ideas of what happens after death, however unlike most of them there is no one final destination after death, in fact to say there are infinite options would not do it justice here are just three

  1. The Journey-the journey is a state of beyond eternal transcendence forever growing, forever learning, forever changing and forever evolving growing beyond things like God and infinity, and forever discovering new beyonds

  2. The Space of Desires-the space of desires is the ultimate heaven, here all your desires are perfectly fulfilled, anything you want you can have with no rules or limits, you can do, go, and get whatever you want, if you get bored you can wish to be surprised and introduced to new things that will excite you or even wish away the ability to feel boredom at all, there is literally nothing or no one that can't be had here

  3. The Modal Afterlife-this is the most all encompassing of the afterlife concepts, not only does it contain the two previously mentioned afterlifes, but it contains literally everything that can happen to someone after they die conceivable inconceivable and beyond including every afterlife that has ever or will ever be thought of by the human race

although the modal afterlife is the most encompassing there are afterlifes out there that are far greater and more all encompassing, there is always something beyond

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