Omni-Beyondism and the afterlife part 2

In one of my early posts I discussed three afterlives that omni-beyondists believe in, the last one I talked about the modal afterlife which is the total sum of all conceivable and inconceivable things that can happen to someone after they die (although at the end I mentioned that according to our logic there must be greater afterlifes beyond the modal) today I'm going to tell you how one navigates the modal and ends up in a post death reality within (quite likely beyond) the modal, first I should note that many of these realities have their own rules some have more rules then others, that being said there's only one thing that navigates you after you die:Conscious Choice, your decisions dictate where you go and only your decisions, not some vengeful deity or higher natural system of laws, it's only you the same way you make conscious choices in life it's exactly the same after death,no matter what anyone tells you you have as much freedom on the other side as you do here more in fact and the realities and existences that there are post death are literally so vast the words like infinite and endless can't hope to do it justice

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Far beyond the immediate worlds that await after death far beyond the omnipotent power that created reality and far beyond the entities and places that are beyond that power lies a place of where lite