Perception: Cherry Picking Reality

In one of my last posts I talked about how the type of concepts shown in omni-beyondism are just an infinitesimally small part of the greater truths, well what I’m about to share is slightly bigger then what I’ve talked about previously and it’s this: the reality we experience is just our minds cherry picking things from the truth, the truth is an all encompassing omni-everything without true structure or order save for what our consciousness creates, now how and why our minds do this I don’t know but they do, also the logic of omni-beyondism is hard to apply here in that there’s something beyond this omni-everything for it infinitely transcends any conceivable concept that be categorized as “beyond”,however I do believe that as our consciousness evolves through eternity after death that the illusion breaks down and we learn the greater truths about the omni-everything as well as whether there’s anything “beyond” it

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Hi this is Andrew Kind the creator of this site and as the title above reads this is a diary of my final days, see I'm in the process of killing myself, I'm diabetic and have stopped taking insulin an I'd literally give anything for the courage to end it

Far beyond the immediate worlds that await after death far beyond the omnipotent power that created reality and far beyond the entities and places that are beyond that power lies a place of where lite