the largest known infinity

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

in human language infinity always means the same thing, something that goes on forever , this is always true when talking about infinity, but what you may not know is that there are different sized infinities for example an infinite multiverse is infinitely larger than an infinite universe and an infinite omniverse is even more infinitely larger than an infinite multiverse and so on, there are infinite ever larger infinities but this begs the question what is the largest infinity a human mind can think of? The answer is this, the largest infinity we can think of is the one that contains all verses, dimensions, realities, all beings omnipotent and beyond, all existences, all totalities, all smaller infinities, all omnis, and all everythings conceivable and inconceivable as well as all versions of itself. While this may seem all encompassing keep in mind it is only the largest infinity our primitive human minds can comprehend there are endless infinities that are larger than this and things that go beyond the concept of infinity itself

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