The Truth: Omni-Beyondism and beyond

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Lately I've been talking to spiritual people about the unique beliefs of this site particularly Jen from my intention was to see how omni-beyondism fit in with other spiritual ideas and to my delight they said it did, but afterward I started reading things they recommended like the seth materials and I've come to this conclusion, while omni-beyondism and the meta transcendent concepts like it are true, they are at best an atom of the truth, omni-beyondism, the ideas presented by Sora and so on are a the smallest sub atomic particles, the truth about all everythings, beyonds etc is more complex then our human minds will ever comprehend or what omnipotent beings can comprehend, the all that is also a microcosm , in short the truths about existence can never be fully understood by any known being human or otherwise

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