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Have you ever wondered if your favorite stories are real or if there is something beyond almighty God? in omni-beyondism the answer is a resounding yes, omni-beyondism is a school of thought composed of these two concepts,

1. Everything is real, every story, idea, belief etc. conceivable inconceivable and beyond, is in every way as real as the world we live in even if it can't be found in our universe, multiverse, or even omniverse

2. There is always something beyond as in beyond the omniverse, infinity, even God and omnipotence, there is always more

This means that everything so called "fictional" is real not only that but every fantasy and idea you have ever had is real too, not only that it means that there are things out there that make omnipotent beings essentially nothing, join us as we explore ideas that are based on these two truths and prepare to have the way you look at literally everything changed forever

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