What are thoughts and ideas

In our society most people think of thoughts, ideas, stories, etc. as less real than our physical world and write it off as “only existing in your head” but what if all that exists in our minds is in every way MORE real than our physical world. One of my past articles talked about The Inner but what I failed to mention is that we are all connected to this seemingly endless ultimate reality, anything can think is connected to this realm for it is where all thought comes from, all fiction that can and will ever be conceived in any 3 dimensional universe is just the parts of this realm a third dimensional human mind can understand, all meta-transcendent concepts like omni-beyondism come from this realm, it is beyond infinitely complex and not even an omniscient omnipotent being can understand most of it, it will survive even if all physical matter is destroyed, people who have had near death experiences describe being in a state that’s more real than our world, from this we may assume that the inner is the true afterlife

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Hi this is Andrew Kind the creator of this site and as the title above reads this is a diary of my final days, see I'm in the process of killing myself, I'm diabetic and have stopped taking insulin an I'd literally give anything for the courage to end it

Far beyond the immediate worlds that await after death far beyond the omnipotent power that created reality and far beyond the entities and places that are beyond that power lies a place of where lite