Xoma: the idea beyond everything

The things I’ll be discussing in this post may seem absurd and irrational but I assure you they’re as real as everything else, contrary to what everyone believes there is more than one everything, there are a beyond endless and infinite amount of everythings and the totality of these everythings is called the omni-everything, beyond this we move into things that go beyond the very concept of everything the first of which is called Xoma, xoma is to everything what serph is to infinity, the first concept beyond the idea however it should be noted that xoma is still only part of the unknowable and inconceivable

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Hi this is Andrew Kind the creator of this site and as the title above reads this is a diary of my final days, see I'm in the process of killing myself, I'm diabetic and have stopped taking insulin an I'd literally give anything for the courage to end it

Far beyond the immediate worlds that await after death far beyond the omnipotent power that created reality and far beyond the entities and places that are beyond that power lies a place of where lite